IceWarp Business Email

Email. Calendar. Contacts. Working together.

Unified Email & Collaboration Hub

Business email, calendars, chats, storage & documents. The only solution integrated and working together on one screen.

Business Email & Calendar
Secure professional email with own domain and revolutionary integration with chat. Shared calendars for perfect planning.

TeamChat - Real online teamwork
Real-time collaboration for every team and project. Update & stay updated. Share & brainstorm. Forget the email mess, be effective.

Online Storage and Documents
All your files available anytime on all your devices for the whole team. Easy documents sharing & fast in-browser editing.

Mobile & Desktop Apps
Enjoy comfort of dedicated apps for desktop and mobile. Enable the offline work or compatibility with your current apps.

Desktop experience. In a browser.

Intuitive interface. Extended options for email composition and teamwork. Secured by Two-Factor Authentication. Accessible from any computer without installation.


  • 30GB Email, 100GB FileSync


  • 100GB Email, 1TB FileSync


  • 500GB Email, 5TB FileSync
Lite Standard Professional
Email & Calendaring

30 GB 100 GB 500 GB
Online Document Editing

AntiVirus & AntiSpam

Unlimited groups & sharing

Mailing lists for Email Distribution

Webmeetings with screen sharing

Audio & Video Calls

Mobile Apps

Email archiving

TeamChat with Free Guest Access

Mobile synchronization using EAS

Advanced Administration & API Console

IceWarp Desktop Client replacement of Outlook

IceWarp Desktop Office replacement of Office

All in one solution

Discover three main pillars of IceWarp. Uncover your possibilities with modern collaboration features.

Mail & Calendar | Essential tools done right.
Business-class email and shared calendar for your custom domain.

Email is where most work starts these days. And where it eventually concludes. So it only makes sense to have it integrated with other components making up the overall context. Plan a meeting right from your email. Find a contact when composing your calendar event. Send an email from a team chat room. Edit a document right in the conversation where it’s been shared. Without leaving IceWarp interface.

TeamChat | Comprehensive take on team communication
Integrated team communication and real-time collaboration including voice and video.

As a bridge between email and private chat, TeamChat enables project-based collaboration in groups. In real time and with persistent history for all threads. Upload files, mention coworkers, comment on related topics. Experience the convenience of secure, in-context office messaging.

Files and Documents | Online documents
Cloud-based file storage and sharing plus full-featured office productivity apps.

The complete office suite for your team. Rich formatting, tables, and images for everyday use. Advanced features like macros, pivot tables, review mode are included as well.

icewarp business email